To begin,


                     Hi, I’m Kasia. I decided to write a blog for probably not the same reasons as most- to collect information that I have gathered over the years in relation to sustainable living, planting permaculture style, traveling, learning ect. The information I will present is not always accepted, it certainly will not be conventional and it might be controversial. Regardless, I am making this blog for myself and the benefit of my family and friends. One day I hope this will become a good resource for those who wish to live better with nature. My wish is to one day live in an off grid small abode (made of mud or straw or both or canvass- yurt), within an eco-village or sustainable community, where I can be myself without harming the natural environment, where I live simply yet lead a full life, where I work hard but with passion.. I know this is possible for I have lived this way at one glorious point in my life, at the lovely farm Mama Roja in Argentina. I was there only for three months whilst on an internship but man, it was a beautiful time. I hope that one day (soon) it will be possible for us people to use our brains and desires to achieve really great things, that our creativity leads us to hopeful futures rather than ones that bring grief.

Ok, that’s all for now, adios!

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