Fabulous internship, volunteer and work placement opportunities


For a long time I’ve been searching for really good programs, studies, and internships that actually educate students. First I went to Trent University. This school was great, I achieved a degree in Environmental Sciences, took a variety of courses that taught me things.. my favourites were Indigenous studies courses- I highly recommend these! However, a year before graduating I worried that I had zero experience in my field. I had no success obtaining jobs in the environmental science field and actually worked in a factory for a couple summers instead (bleh). So this is what I decided- to take a year off and do some internships or volunteer work that would give me real practical experience. Also I was tired of sitting all the time, I just wanted to shovel something, dig a hole.. whatever. Ok, so I found a lot of epic websites that had internship listings, volunteer opportunities, work away possbilities ect. One suggestion that I have for anyone looking for an opportunity: don’t look to far from home, some of the best links I found were right on my university homepage. Since I like lists- I find it helps with organization, I will make the following links into a list format:

  • http://www.goodworkcanada.ca/this is my favourite website. Useful for anyone, not just Canadians (although most of the jobs and volunteer opportunities occur in Canada), anyway, you can search jobs or volunteer placements in any province. All are related to the field of the natural environment. The two internships I ended up attending were found on this website, one was through a Canadian organization called the Urban Farmer http://theurbanfarmer.ca/ run by a permaculture practitioner named Ron Berezan. This organization along with the University of Alberta run a program that takes several (12? usually) Canadians to Cuba for six weeks to learn about permaculture. Best thing ever. Ok, the other internship I attended was located in Argentina and had nothing to do with Canada except that it happened to be on this website, I’m not sure why it was but I’m VERY happy that I found it. The internship was located at Mama Roja, here is the blog: http://www.mamaroja.blogspot.ca/
  • http://www.goabroad.com/– this website has drop down menus to facilitate searches, you can look for study programs, jobs, internships, volunteer placements.. just about anything in any country. The list of sectors and organizations is also giant. Very useful website but be careful, the website cannot go through all the programs and check their validity.. so some of those cool sounding options may be fake money grabs. I haven’t chosen a program from this website, I’ve only taken suggestions from it, but I think its a good idea, when you find a cool program- to contact the organization yourself and find out if its legit.
  • http://www.acdi-cida.gc.ca/home– this website is mainly for Canadian students who wish to do development projects in countries such as Africa and South America. The programs sound amazing and some even pay! 
  • http://www.thepoosh.org/mapofbuildprojects– a friend of mine sent me this link, I haven’t used it yet but I think it is similar to the following WWOOF link where projects are listed and you hunt down the ones that interest you.
  • http://www.wwoof.org/– WWOOFing is a fabulous way to learn about organic gardening while living on a farm and eating healthy food for free. Basically you work for your lodging and food, generally work is about 4 hours long.
  • http://www.workaway.info/– Similar to WWOOF it seems, you find a project, work and get benefits like education! food! a home! basically it is a work exchange.

These present only a few options. It is easier if you know what you want to do- the best way to find something is to contact an organization or person who specializes in your field and talk to them about potential opportunities. Or Google search.


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