Extra self education


Lately I have been both unemployed and out of school. This – I once thought- would be AWESOME, vacation all the time. But, it turns out that boredom sets in rather rapidly and can damage a lot of enthusiasm, motivation and desire to fulfill the projects that were set out for “the moment I have more time”. Also, sometimes it is not just boredom but pure procrastination- oh I don’t want to make that dress today (example), I am too tired, maybe I’ll work on it some other time.. it gets to the point where it gets super easy to be too nice to yourself, eating the second you’re slightly just a teeny bit hungry, resting after anything mildly strenuous, ect. At least, this is what I’ve noticed from myself. Now, I’m working on trying to break from this suddenly sedentary lifestyle and regain former lust for life. The way to go about this, in my opinion, is to continue self-education. Unless the time and motivation is too difficult to find for this, in which case- some programmed courses may be a suitable alternative. Can’t be too educated right? Now, free time is good, in fact a lot of can help you slow down your pace of life to something more peaceful and calm. But if you find that there is too much time to think and analyze life, then here are some options:

  • Learn an instrument, I have taken up accordion, it is fun, keeps me entertained
  • Think about an interest that would be nice to take up, and do just that- take it up
  • Learn a skill- to sew, to cook, to plant
  • Examine the local college or university course calendar- usually they should have something called: continuing education- meaning- courses for those who don’t necessarily want anything like a certificate but want to fill their time and learn something cool. Example, my local college offers courses in Spanish learning, salsa dancing, wild plant foraging, wilderness survival, art courses, computer courses, mandolin classes.. ect. Pretty nifty right?
  • Or, take enough courses to gain a certificate, may become useful one day.
  • Another option is of course, volunteering- you learn lots (likely) and are a useful member of society. I am now volunteering for the Transition Town movement in my city, it is awesome, I recommend. Although some volunteer positions require just as much or more paperwork and time as a full time job, so, if you still want your thinking time.. be careful what you ask for.

Here is one example of something that I plan to do, and the respective links, just something that will hopefully fill little void of “I need to do something with my life”.

Herbalism. This is a  fascinating topic and something I think will always be useful. Instead of spending lots of time (7+ years I hear) and money (many thousands) to become a doctor, why not learn about plants and their properties and be able to (mostly) self-heal? links:

Some of the herbalism courses are offered online, with short field sessions that you must attend, all cost money sadly, but all seem really useful. Other examples of courses that I think would always come in handy are: permaculture design, gardening, learning about wild plants- animals- mushrooms-ect.

So basically, if you’re bored with nothing to do and want to do something useful, there are options. Extra education is possible, not always through traditional means such as certificate courses (which may take more time and money than you want), but rather through single courses, classes that teach you so you add to your inner storage bank of knowledge of the world. Learning for yourself. I have (I hope) provided ideas on where to go looking for cool and unusual extra education- college portals, associations, inner community workings (Transition Town organizations), self- learning, options are out there!


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