Becoming the difference



Previously I have posted information on education, gathering credentials, learning things because you want to… and the like. This time I will be discussing ways to transition theoretical knowledge into practice, actually putting the things you know into use. Just to clarify, education as a whole never ends, but it is possible to transfer theory into practice. The obvious ways that this is done is by working in your chosen environment- foolproof way to practice your knowledge, also volunteering in  your chosen field is useful. I have found this transition from learning theoretically to practicing knowledge and learning away from school to be quite difficult. The reason, I believe, is that learning at school is organized, structured.So, the best way to remember things is to not only learn them theoretically but also put them into practice- standard knowledge right? This is a well known phenomenon but it is not practiced frequently enough.

In my view, I believe that anyone can alter their reality and make a difference. All individuals have unique traits and talents that make them well suited to different tasks, we can’t all fit into one box- we can’t all be very good at school, or great soccer players right? I feel like sometimes this is forgotten, we are composed of many elements, we all have different interests. For example, my sister likes lawns whereas I cringe when I see one, she is better at using machines and I unfortunately have a fright of large machinery. We belong in slightly different worlds, but that is ok because we each fulfill different roles in the house and on the farm. The important thing to keep in mind is that being different is the best thing ever! This leads to creative diverse thoughts and solutions to issues, helps maintain balance among people. But, we must honour difference and use it wisely to become the best people that we can be. As Gandhi said: “Be the change you want to see in the world”. Things that don’t work out- make them into opportunities 🙂 If you don’t like the state of the world, change it. And what better time to do so than right after school and before stable employment? This way, if you begin your path correctly, you may end up in something that you like and has meaning- something that can create change.Your skills and talents will for sure be needed somewhere, go, find your niche.

Watch this video for more information about being the change:

A way that I help to make a change is by being a part of Transition Town, these are awesome because they do this: (direct quote from Transition Town Peterborough website) “volunteer, non-profit organization focused on reducing our community-wide dependence on fossil fuels while increasing local resilience and self-sufficiency in food, water, energy, culture and wellness with economic localization. With a focus on community building, TTP is made possible by ordinary citizens working toward positive change, and is shaped and guided by all who are able to participate, in whatever capacity they can.” If you were to live in a great community that satisfies all your needs- why would you want to leave? wouldn’t you want to stay and help the place improve further? Some links to awesome transition town websites:

So many more are out there, when I find them, I will add them.

There are many ways to help create change in the world, simply by eating locally supporting farmers close by, contributing to a local economy, driving less, walking more, consuming less, enjoying simple things more.. I bet you’ve heard them all. Now, you know the theory and the reasons, why not actually use that knowledge and put into use?

This is a great article about how to be sustainable- through creating change, not just by fantasizing about it:



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